About Oracle and Oracle Applications..

Oracle and SAP are considered as the Fortune 2000/ Enterprise ERP Leaders.
Bolstered by its acquisitions of PeopleSoft (with JD Edwards) and Siebel Systems, Oracle has collected an impressive customer list and portfolio of intellectual property. Now the real work to keep those customers and integrate those products (project Fusion) is underway. Several more acquisition and integration project announcements from Oracle are always a expected one.

•  Over 37,000 application customers
•   Claim #1 CRM market share leader
•  #1 ERP market share leader
•  30 year proven credibility
•   New SOA architecture
•  Deep software functionality
•  Outrageous flexibility
•   Technology is the Oracle stack
•  Priced at the high end

Oracle E-Business Suite History

Oracle has seen lot many achievement like becoming first DBMS based Database Company. They have released 7 different database versions with technology enhancement. The start up has turned in recognized DBMS company, thus it was perfect time for them as well as Industry expert are looking Integration with in area like Finance , Manufacturing etc..Thus ERP evolution takes place.

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