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Ask SAP These Questions! - By Oracle:-
Does mySAP.com offer a true integrated e-business solution?

No, SAP does not offer a truly integrated e-business solution and relies on marketing relationships with CRM and Supply Chain vendors to round out their e-business story. Only Oracle offers a truly integrated e-business solution.

Has SAP transformed themselves to an e-business?

As of yet SAP has not moved to a true e-business environment. What's more cartier replica watches, there have been no announcement that SAP plans on using their own software to transform themselves to an e-business. Oracle utilizes its own e-business software and has saved over $1 billion doing so.

Can you tell me how Clarify and Commerce One are integrated with R/3?

There is no seamless integration between Clarify and SAP, or Commerce One and SAP inhibiting the flow of transactions and requiring costly integration projects to implement, upgrade and maintain. Oracle offers a completely integrated solution from front to back office- one simple and complete suite.

How flexible is R/3?

R/3 is highly inflexible. For example, it is very difficult to add to or change GL hierarchies, sometshing that is easily accomplished with Oracle.

Can I import non-SAP data into the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BIW)?

The SAP BIW can only facilitate the storage and management of SAP data from SAP applications, limiting the user's ability to view external and non vendor specific information. Oracle's enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is designed to facilitate the management of data from multiple vendors, enabling a true enterprise-wide view.

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